About Us

My Journey Started from very teen age during my School time I have great passion in arts and different types of paintings. Due to which I got my first tattoo, a piece of religious art. Which was designed by myself, which would stay with me for rest of my life. After my graduation in Blood borne Pathogens Communicable Diseases For Tattoo Artist I have completed my training as apprentice in tattoo school for 2 years. After successfully learning with the best teachers.After many months of learning and practice, my mentor told me “You are good to go live on skin”. It was an accomplishment and a proud feeling, the same as any other would feel when they achieved their goal in life. After successful training I came back to my home town and started my own tattoo studio, the very first tattoo studio in Visakhapatnam, “OM Tattoos” in 2011.

Through time, with the help of good reviews from satisfied customers, we’ve journeyed from a little known studio in Vizag to now being the most reputable tattoo studio in the city. After exercising creativity and grow a vast gestures of original art work. I enjoyed working with many mediums aside from tattooing, including acrylics, watercolors, oil paints, charcoal, color pencils and graphite. The variety of mediums practices enables me to develop as a well- balanced artist. With experience in many tattoo styles, such as traditional,neo traditional,realism or realistic,water color, tribal,new school, Japanese, black work, Illustrative chicano, memorial, cremation ashes,UV, Trash Polka, Geometric, Live Music, 3-D, Biomechanical, Black & Gray,Micro & Coverp Tattoo Styles. Though the constant efforts to specialize in all tattoo styles.”I Believe to never stop increasing my skills as an artist. Inactive leads to laziness as an artist it leads to laziness in ones art.Therefore, I Strive to actively seek out any and all opportunities to better myself and my skills as a Tattoo artist