Traditional tattoo style

Traditional style tattoos have bold lines and bright colors. These tattoos also feature stereotypical designs such as crosses, skulls and anchors. Tattoos of this nature have maintained their popularity for a reason: they are strikingly beautiful and timeless

Neo traditional style

The main difference between traditional tattoos and neo traditional tattoos is that these are often have a broader color palette and a broader range of motifs. Pieces done in this style are known for their lush, decorative details as well as the use of natural imagery such as florals and animals.

Neo traditional tattoos vary from traditional tattoos in a few ways. They usually resemble illustrative works. Tattoos are often influenced by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. These tattoos contain decorative detail and lush designs. Flowers, animals, and faces are popular style of imagery.

Realism or realistic tattoo style

Realistic tattoos are usually shades of black and gray. Often depict the faces of celebrity or people close to you. They can show scenes of nature or surreal art. Show true talent of an artist who can turn a tattoo into a sketch.

Caution! These types of tattoos take specialized skill and expertise. Be sure to have your tattoo artist show you examples of realism tattoos, or you may end up a meme in front of your colleges

Watercolor tattoo style

These tattoos are reminiscent of watercolor drawings and paintings, but require intense technical expertise to create on the human body. But watercolor tattoos aren’t just a genre of their own. Elements of watercolor can be added to existing tattoos or other styles in order to bring them to life and combine contrasting elements to create a truly unique piece of art.

Tribal tattoo style

Tribal tattoos are another style that has stood the test of time as tried and true classic dating back to actual tribal cultures. Tribal tattoos can be found as far as ancient times, with each indigenous people or group having their own style of markings.

Tribal tattoos are:

·         Usually done in black ink.

·         Showcase elaborate patterns.

·         Highlight different tribal cultures.

New school tattoo style

The style is cartoonish and wacky, featuring caricatures and other exaggerated figures. If you’re the sort of person who likes their body art injected with the spirit of goku and naruto, then this comic style is for you.

Japanese tattoo

Japanese tattoos are often large and colorful. These tattoos showcase the rich history of Japan and its colorful folklore. Japanese style tattoos are a specific form of tattoo, using the appearance of waves to make a tattoo appear dramatic Japanese Tattoos often have:

·         Dragons

·         Samurai Phoenix

·         Koi

·         samurai

Black work tattoo Style

These tattoos are created entirely with black ink. The lack of color, however, does not make them any less dramatic or impactful. If you are bold and adventurous, you may find black work tattoos an interesting concept. Popular designs in this category involve:

·         sacred Geometry

·         abstract Ornamental Designs

·         Detailed Illustrations

Illustrative tattoo style

A large variety of work can be called illustrative and that is because there are so many techniques and art movements that inspired it! From etching and engraving, to abstract expressionism, and even fine line calligraphy, this tattoo style is extremely versatile. Many artists who work on this style will blend their own aesthetic with it to create a whole new style of their own… but as long as their tattoos look like they could belong on a piece of paper or a canvas hanging up in gallery. You know it’s illustrative!

Chicano tattoo style

Chicano tattoos display the essence of lowrider culture, Pachuos, and the Mexican Revolution. These tattoos are beautiful and demonstrate the strong love that Chicano culture embraces.

·         Utilize fine lines in their drawings

·         Original from artists in prison working with what they had

·         Rely on black and grey for dramatic effect

Tribute tattoos or Memorial Tattoo Style

A memorial tattoo is an expression of deep feelings regarding a person or event. People will often get a memorial tattoo to honor the life of a loved one. … These types of tattoos often have interesting and original designs and artwork to convey the feelings of the person who wears it.

Cremation Ashes Tattoo

Cremation tattoos are created by infusing a small amount of your loved one’s ashes into tattoo ink. The ink is then used in the same fashion as it would be during a regular tattoo. The needle injects the ash infused ink into the middle layer of skin, creating the permanent design, and allowing the ashes to be embedded within the motif. Many people are utilizing ash infused ink to create tattoos for deceased loved ones in an effort to still feel connected to the one they lost.

·         Ashes are sealed in a air tight container before bringing to your artist

UV tattoos

UV tattoos or black light tattoos are made with dyes that fluoresce visibly under an ultraviolet light, not unlike fluorescein or rhodamine. Depending upon the ink chosen a UV tattoo can be nearly visible when illuminated only by light within the visible spectrum.

Trash polka tattoo style

Originating in Germany smudges and kinetic image are combined with realistic images in this tattoo style. Trash polka tattoos are memorable and can convey deep statements about the world around us.

·         These tattoos contain words and often look disjointed.

·         Only black and red ink is used

·         It is characterized by opposites attempting to unite in harmony.

Geometric tattoo style

Geometric tattoos come in many color palettes and designs. ... A geometric tattoo deals with several lines or geometric shapes that come together to form an even bigger shape. Geometric tattoos can come in the form of leaves, lines, stars, and a host of other patterns.

Customized Tattoo Styles

The best way to be involved in designing your own tattoo is to collect reference images and give them to an artist who works in a similar style. That way, they can design the tattoo based on their experience placing and sizing tattoos on the body.

3-D Tattoo Style

It’s “in your face” ink. If you want body art that stands out and grabs attention, then this is it. While the skin might be flat/curved, artists today can bring virtually any image you have in mind to life. Three-dimensional tattoos take modern ink styles to an entirely new level. From city skylines to cartoon characters, geometric shapes and beyond, if you want a tattoo to truly “pop”, 3D is the way to go.

Bio Mechanical Style

If you like gears or just the Terminator movie franchise, then you’ll love biomechanical tattoo styles. These often 3D styles feature gears, wires, metal pieces, and much more all connected below the skin’s surface. Perhaps you have always wanted an electronic robot arm or leg but simply couldn’t afford one. Here’s your chance to get one.

Micro Tattoo Style

Defined as minimalist designs that you can put anywhere, these tattoos may be small but they have big meaning for some people. Our guide breaks down everything you need to know about micro-tattoos: from what's popular (and what the ink means) to where to get it and the kind of style to have it done in.

Cover-up Tattoo Style

Any tattoo can be covered up, although it may need to be faded with laser tattoo removal first (usually only 2-3 sessions required). Even if you have a large, solid black tattoo, a good cover-up tattoo artist will work with you to create a strategy for covering it with a new design you can get excited about.

Music Motion Tattoos

Tattoos you can hear, can be played back with  mobile app. Create your Soundwave Tattoo today

Turn your loved one's voice, a pet, your favorite song, or any sound you want into a tattoo you can listen to.