How to become a tattoo artist?

If you have a sense of drawing and you are a hard – working, the materials we are giving you to become a successful tattoo artist.

Professional Tattoo techniques, course and seminar.

We started this tattoo training, the “Tattoo Course” with the intension of helping those talented and dedicated people who would like to learn the craft of tattooing or improve their existing techniques.

160+ hours of training.

500+ easy to understand illustrations.

Full detailed, long descriptions.

Theory, Practice and Drawing.

60 complete lessons and more coming.


What is the duration of a tattoo making course?


The duration of the course varies from centre to centre and the type of course. Please inquire about this with the respective tattoo making centre.


What is the minimum educational qualification required to pursue a tattoo making course?

There is no minimum educational qualification to pursue a course in tattoo making.


Do tattoo making classes in Vizag also provide training in body piercing?


Yes, most tattoo studios do. However, please check if the body piercing training is included as a part of the tattoo making course or not.


Is the course fee inclusive of the cost of the tattoo making kit?


No, the tattoo making kit needs to be purchased separately at an additional cost


How much does it cost to pursue a tattoo making course?


The approximate cost of pursuing a 3-months course is approximately Rs. 30, 000


How do you practice tattooing?


To practice tattooing, start by working on your drawing skills as often as you can, since you'll need to be able to sketch pretty much anything on demand. Additionally, drawing on round objects, like apples, oranges, and rocks, can simulate some of the parts of the body you'll have to work on


How many years of college do you need to be a tattoo artist?


The Alliance of Professional Tattooists, or APT for short, recommends an apprenticeship of at least three years. During an apprenticeship, a prospective artist will work in a shop alongside a professional tattooist learning to design tattoos, to operate a tattoo machine, and sterilize equipment


Is tattoo artist a good career?


Today, about 30 percent of American adults have at least one tattoo, and among millennials the number jumps to almost 50 percent. So it's a good time to be in the tattooing business. But no matter how up-close and personal you get with your tattoo artist, there's still a lot about the job you probably don't know


How can I become a tattoo artist in India?


The best way to learn tattoo art is to work as an apprentice in a known tattoo studio for two to three years. You are supposed to learn by observing senior artists in the studio, and are then made to work on dummies before starting work on clients.


Can I be a tattoo artist if I can't draw?


But in that case don't try to tattoo a portrait or a person. But you can't be a tattoo artist at all without being able to draw steady lines and smooth shading. ... In short, yes, a tattoo can be completed by someone with limited artistic ability but the types of tattoos that can be accomplished will also be limited.


Is tattooing hard to learn?


Tattooing is really hard to break into.

The first step is to get an apprenticeship under a reputable artist who will teach you all they know, but that can take years of persistence. ... “Hang out, get to know us, get tattooed, but even then it will probably still be no. It's really tough.


How do I start a tattoo apprenticeship?

How Do I Become a Tattoo Artist? What Steps Do I Take?

1.      Be an artist. This is the first and most important step. ...

2.      Build a portfolio. ...

3.      Find a certified tattoo artist-mentor who will take you on as an apprentice. ...

4.      Learn the trade. ...

5.      Get certified. ...

6.      Find a shop to work in.


What tattoo artists hate?


9 Things Tattoo Artists Hate, According To A Tattoo Artist, So You Can Avoid Doing Them

·         Putting Your Phone On Speaker. ...

·         Openly Scoffing At The Quoted Price. ...

·         Simple Doesn't Mean Easy. ...

·         Not Being Mindful Of Hygiene. ...

·         Rolling In With A Crowd Of Besties. ...

·         Not Knowing What You Want. ...

·         Or Changing Your Mind Day Of.


Is there school for tattooing?


Licensed tattoo artists require no formal education. Learn about the training, job duties as well as licensure.


How much do tattoo artists make in India?


An average tattoo artist makes around 3.2 Lacs Indian Rupees per month and a well-performing experienced tattoo artist makes around 10.5 Lacs Indian Rupees per month, which is way more than average doctor and engineers make anywhere in the world.


Is tattooing easy to learn?


Becoming a tattoo artist is deceptively easy. All that is really required is to be an apprentice for a year or so and become liscensed by your state. To become a great tattoo artist requires a lifetime of blood(literally, you'll end up completely covered in ink), sweat, tears, and 100 hour work weeks


What is the best thing to practice tattooing on?


Apples, oranges, and other contoured items, like rocks, can simulate some of the difficulties you'll have tattooing various parts of the body. Seek out items that somewhat resemble body parts commonly tattooed, so that you're well prepared when someone requests a tattoo on a more curvaceous part of the body